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Jan 3, 2012

A Day Out In Henderson

Yesterday was a good day to be alone. It was warm and the sun certainly felt good on my skin as I stepped out of the house. I left my home around eleven thirty that morning and set out to have lunch at Chipolte. When I arrived at the restaurant it was jam packed with people in groups of two or more. I chose to eat my lunch on the balcony away from the crowd. I can’t complain because I had a wonderful view of Sunset Station and all of the pretty trees surrounding it. It turned out to be a wonderful lunch and it was nice to not have to entertain any trifling conversation.

After lunch I started my walk back towards home when I decided to take a detour. I first ducked my head into a fabrics store to see if there was anything I could make a turban with. That proved to be a bust and a quickly retreated out of the store. I then walked to one of my all time favorite stores which is Barnes & Noble.

I didn’t pick up anything knew to read at the bookstore. I instead spent most of my time running my fingers over novels that I had already read and reminiscing about how much I had enjoyed them. Some of these novels include the Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver, Women’s Murder Club by James Patterson, and Life Expectancy by Dean Koontz. Poisonwood and Life Expectancy are two of my favorites. My little trip out killed a few hours and I had fun (by myself) doing it.